This character's design is still a work in progress, more will be coming soon.

Basic Description

  • Name: Still deciding, use Meadow or Natasha for now
  • Species/Breed: Whitetail Deer
  • Age: Mid 30s
  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: About 5'4"
  • Markings: Standard whitetail deer colors/markings, but with fawn spots, because hers never faded as an adult for some reason (and because they’re adorable).
  • Hair: Waist-length, straight, dark brown (darker than her coat, by enough of a margin to contrast nicely)
  • Personality: Gentle, quiet, nature lover; much more at-home in a forest than anywhere else.

Clothing and Accessories

I'm still figuring out her wardrobe, to be honest, but fairly basic shorts and tops are fine.

She often has a single all-white feather tied/braided into her hair, and wears Iroquois or Cherokee-style beaded jewelry (red and white are good colors, but exact choices are up to the artist). And, she often has a wooden hiking staff with a leather grip and a couple all-white feathers attached. Important: Please do not draw this character with eagle feathers (white with black tips) under any circumstances; I have not earned any IRL, so this character hasn't either.