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Basic Description

  • Species: Grey Wolf
  • Age: 16-22 (approx.)
  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Eyes: Light Blue
  • Legs: Digitgrade
  • Height: About 5'4"


Medium-grey, white belly/paws/accents.


Fairly generic, though she does have a two-tone face, and white accents inside her ears and on her paws.


Dark brown, straight, about halfway down her back in length. She usually wears it loose (style is up to the artist), or in a high ponytail if it's an outdoorsy scene.

Typical Clothing:

Varies, but her favourite outfit is a lavender T-shirt and denim jean shorts. She often wears a silver butterfly necklace, and she never wears shoes. She also likes wearing wildflowers in her hair, of any color.

Full-Text Description

Natasha Softpaw is a female grey wolf in her late teens (about 17, give or take a year). She's a light-hearted, fun-loving fur who seldom takes life seriously, and she has a very playful personality. Her favourite activities include hiking, photography, swimming, and just relaxing among the trees near her home. She's had a strong love of nature (particularly trees and flowers) ever since she was a pup, and happily describes herself as a "tree-hugger". And, while she spends much of her time alone, she also enjoys social activities with her closest friends.

Her build is best described as average, but short. She's roughly 5'4", but this can vary due to her digitgrade legs (her family's canine roots are unusually strong). Her headfur is dark brown, more than halfway down her back in length, and she typically lets it flow loosely, having never been a fan of the constricting sensation of hair elastics. But, she does loosely tie it back for swimming or hiking (if it's a hot day). She seldom wears skirts or dresses, preferring short denim shorts and T-shirts (or tank-tops) instead. And, she usually wears a small, silver pentacle necklace (five-pointed star in a circle). She also loves wearing flowers in her hair, they make her feel like she's bringing the forest home with her when she heads back after a day of hiking.