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CleanerWolf's Canine Model Pack for Quake 3

Posted: November 25, 2000 14:46:30 • By CleanerWolf • 1061 words

By CleanerWolf

Download q3-canines.zip (3.24mb)

This is one of my all-time favorite mod packs for Quake 3, and one of the reasons I still play the game. I recently tried to find it again for some friends who were looking for it, but it took a very long time to track down. So, for the sake of preserving this excellent game mod, I'm reposting it here. I don't know how many people still play Quake 3, but if you've ever wanted furry skins for a first-person shooter, this is the best furry model set I've ever seen.

Model Name : CleanerWolf
installation directory : .../baseq3/
Author : Boris "CleanerWolf" Buergel
Email Address : cleaner@hirnriss.in-berlin.de
Homepage : http://cleanerwolf.gnw.de (only german language, sorry) (EDITOR NOTE: This website apparently no longer exists)
Model description : Plugin Player Model for Quake III Arena

Additional Credits to : id Software

Thanks to : -Rene Lehmann - for teaching me 3ds Max(imum crap)
-The guys at POLYCOUNT (http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/) - for making the best Plugin Player Model Database of the world and having tons of tutorials and useful stuff
-Brian Yee - for making the Werewolf for Quake2
-Scott Ruggels - for making the Female Werewolf for Quake2 and for creating Asheru and her family. Check his character drawings at http://www.yerf.com/ruggscot/1.htm (EDITOR NOTE: This website apparently no longer exists)
-q-bus Mediatektur GmbH - for being the coolest company in Berlin
-My dog - for being a good dog and a perfect reference model }:o)
* Play Information *

New Sounds : YES
CTF Skins : YES
BOT support : YES
LOD support : NO
* Construction *
Poly Count : 840
Vert Count : 481
Skin Count : 12 skins including red and blue team skins
Base : New model from scratch
Editor used : Softimage3d and Maya for modeling, 3ds Max(imum crap) for skinning and animation, q3data for md3 conversion, Photoshop 5.0 for skin painting.
Known Bugs : none
Build/Animation time : I worked on this over 5 months, impossible to say how much hours and days.

* How to use this model *

Put the "md3_cleanerwolf.pk3" into your .../baseq3 folder.
Start Quake3, go to the model selection screen and choose one of the different skins.
Have fun !

* The Model *
I am not very experienced in doing character modeling and animation and this is my first Q3A model, so you may find some glitches here and there, but I feel that these are almost not noticable in the game. The segmentation system of the md3 format isn't very animal friendly, it was impossible for me to make the seams invisible.
I tried to find a good compromise between quality and need of system resources. The model has 840 polys, although it could need some more polys here and there. Skin sizes are 256x256 for the body and 128x128 for the head. On my K6-III 450 with TNT1 card the model performs well.
The Model is more meant as a cool lupine action hero, than as a horror movie character. Think of it as the result of the Male Werewolf and Female Werewolf from Quake2 having a hot night together }:o)
But for all of you who want a scary Werewolf I made the Rabiator skin.
Wolves are fascinating animals and I tried to show some of this fascination in the model.
I used one of Paul Steed's bips (Doom) for the base animations of my model, but I had to change nearly every frame of the animation and had to add the tail animation.

* The Skins *
There are 12 Skins included with this model. Each of the characters is also selectable as a bot.

- Bizowolf:
I used the "bizowolf7" skin from Saiko Biznatchy (from the Quake2 Werewolf) as a base for that.
- Cleaner:
A brown wolf. This is my standard skin, please don't use it.
- Husky:
A husky dog.
- Keeno:
A grey wolf from the cool north of Canada.
- Shepherd:
A german shepherd dog. I used some photos of my own dog to make this.
- Magnus:
This skin is based on some character drawings by Scott Ruggels. If you are interested in Scott's work you have to check this -> http://www.yerf.com/ruggscot/1.htm (EDITOR NOTE: This website apparently no longer exists)
- Rabiator:
This is the skin for all of you that want a blood thirsty horror movie character. If you select him as a bot you should know that he is very agressive and has a high aiming skill. And - no, you cannot shoot through the hole.
- Chow:
The mental hook for this character was HongKong movie star Chow Yun-Fat, but it turned out to be more of a "Pulp Fiction" gangster guy.
- WIB:
Agent W from the "Wolves in black", a very secret organisation whose primary directives are to look cool and make a lot of frags.
- Duke:
A lupine version of Duke Nukem. Any questions?
- Red:
A fox. This is the red team skin.
- Blue:
A blue colored version of the Bizowolf with a glowing wolf face on his back. This is the blue team skin.

If you want to make skins for the model, get the skin making addon here: http://cleanerwolf.gnw.de/cw_makeskin.zip (EDITOR NOTE: This website apparently no longer exists)
Please send the skins to me, I will post them on my homepage.

* The Sounds *
The model has a complete sound pack with natural wolf sounds. If you don't like them try the alternative sound pack with more human like sounds. Get it here-> http://cleanerwolf.gnw.de/q3snd_cwvoice.zip (EDITOR NOTE: This website apparently no longer exists)

* Copyright / Permissions *

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III ARENA(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

This model may be freely distributed UNALTERED. Which means, you can't pull the readme file out of the zip, or add your own stuff to it and pass it along as your own! Please do not repack this file for any reason.
If you use my model as a base for another model, please contact me (cleaner@hirnriss.in-berlin.de) and include my credits in your Readme.

Making this model was a lot of time consuming work, but also a lot of fun.
Enjoy it.