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Site Policies: Advertising Statement

Updated: June 9, 2023 17:25:06 • By Meadow Whisper (Natasha L.) • 153 words

Simply put, there is no advertising on this site, and there never will be. This site is a non-commercial not-for-profit hobby, and I very strongly oppose putting ads on any of my websites. So, there are no Google ads here, no popups, no banners, none of those annoying cover-the-whole-screen flash clips. Nothing. I also don't impose ads on any sites I host, and I discourage their presence. If any hosted sites have outside advertising, they're limited only to text-based Google ads, and nothing more. Running this server is not a business, it is a hobby, and a service to the various communities I consider myself a member of.

If you see any ads on this site, or experience any popups, I promise you they didn't come from me. And if you're seeing these things, you might want to scan your system for spyware, because that's the only possible way they could get here.