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Site Policies: Photography Licensing and Copyright

Updated: June 9, 2023 15:25:07 • By Meadow Whisper (Natasha L.) • 193 words

Unless otherwise specified, all images hosted on this site, or from the domain cdn.fur.vc (which is the static content domain for this site), are copyrighted content, owned by Natasha L., with all rights reserved. This is specified in the IPTC metadata of the image where possible. However, when copyright information is not present in the IPTC metadata, the copyright statement on this page takes precedence. This does not apply to images that are explicitly attributed to a different artist when presented on this site. Any exceptions and license grants must be made in writing to the grantee.

Some photos I've taken have been released into the public domain. When this is the case, these images are explicitly designated as such, both in the IPTC metadata and on this website. Any photo not explicitly marked as public domain in both the IPTC metadata and on this website is protected under copyright. No other website or service is authorized to make statements about the copyright protection or attribution of photography by Natasha L., and if another source conflicts with this website on the subject of ownership attribution or copyright protection, this website shall take precedence.